22nd ojai film fest to be held on november 4-14

The short film Parallel Parking by Darya Azari is selected to compete at Ojai International Film Festival.

The Festival provides audiences a diverse lineup of titles from around the world, including many groundbreaking works that would otherwise be inaccessible. At the same time, it gives filmmakers access to a highly appreciative audience of savvy and informed film fans.

Synopsis: A boy is embarrassed by his mother. One day, rather than pick him up around the corner, as usual, she must stop in front of his school. She notices how upset he is by this and tries to win him over.

Cast: Nasim Kiani/ Arsham Shojaei/ Alborz Karoubeh

Writer & Director: Darya Azari

DOP: Ario Motevaghe
Editor: Bahram Emrani
Sound & Sound Designer: Majid Nejati
Music: Payam Azadi
Colorist: Ario Motevaghe
Script supervisor: Anahita Golfam

Producer: Darya Azari
International Distribution: Kaaffilm

Kaaffilm is the International Distribution Company of this short film.

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