Ivan Zabazhanov: Unpredictability of the human factor

The story is inspired by works of Alexandr Solzhenitsyn. 1937. A meeting of the District Committee. The newly elected chairman, who replaced the recently imprisoned first secretary, begins to applaud in honor of comrade Stalin. He is immediately supported by the presidium along with a full hall. But the thunderous applause cannot stop – everyone is exhausted, but everyone is afraid, and it seems that only a miracle can end this madness.

What are the most formidable challenges inherent to the profession of filmmaking?

Unpredictability of the human factor

Could you elaborate on the wellspring of your creative inspiration for this particular short film?

A short story from Solzhenitsyn’s book “The Gulag Archipelago”
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Ivan Zabazhanov

Could you elucidate on the central thematic underpinning of your film?

Fear among all levels of society that reigned during times of great repression

How do you navigate the task of strategizing cost-effective promotional efforts when operating within a constrained budget?

I’m not promoting the film in any way

In today's dynamic marketplace, how pivotal do you consider the role of film distribution?

This is important of course

For individuals contemplating the path of self-distribution, what counsel or insights can you offer?

Make good and interesting films so that they promote themselves

In your estimation, what level of significance do short films hold for aspiring filmmakers seeking to embark on a career in directing?

This is the only way for young filmmakers to express themselves

Reflecting on your professional journey thus far, could you share an instance of the most formidable challenge you encountered and how you surmounted it?

The main problem is people who can sometimes really let you down

What, in your view, are the critical factors that contribute to the creation of a cinematic masterpiece?

To answer this question, first I need to create a masterpiece

If you could revisit the inception of your career, are there any aspects or decisions you would choose to alter in hindsight?

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