The short film Lessness directed by Mehdi Safavi is selected for International Film Festival Zilant.

The primary goal of this festival is the identification and support of talented children and students, searching for new forms and genres in art. Zilant festival will be held on February 19-22 in Kazan.

Synopsis: Sasha sits at home alone. A girl who seems to be her roommate enters the home and explains a bizarre event that happened to her. Sasha waiting to hear the whole story sees the same girl in the street and this causes an illusion for her. We watch a girl in the second half of the film who is also in illusive conditions same as Sasha. We understand the hidden layer of the story from a physician’s tongue who is explaining the story to Sasha’s grandmother.

Cast: Daria Shelukova/ Pavel Korchevsky

Director: Mehdi Safavi

Writer: Mehregan Shams

Director of Photography: Viacheslav Motov

Edit: Navid Tohidi

Set Designer: Mehregan Shams

Sound: Evgeni Murzikov

Sound Mixer: Shahin Pourdadashi

Make-up Artist: Elena Erastava
Music: Ehsan Beyraghdar

Post Production: Reza Akhlaghi

Production Designer: Viacheslav Singaevsky
Producer: Lily Sadri – Kirill Zakharov

International Distributor: Kaaffilm

Kaaffilm is the International Distribution Company of this short film.

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