Pol Diggler: “A good idea with a good team”

Work It Class was written during the Covid lockdown to vindicate live festivals giving rise to enjoy movies as a community once again. To make this meta-joke even more believable, they personalized each screening copy with the name of the festival, which appears on screen. As there is a lot of text to read, they avoided double subtitles as much as possible. So the texts on the screen have been translated into English, Spanish, Catalan, Turkish, Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Macedonian and French.

What are the most challenging aspects of being a filmmaker?

Exactly this, challenging yourself and the audience. Trying your best to make things different, unique. Risking, after all.

What is your source of inspiration for this short film?

The main inspiration was the short film form itself, and how it’s becoming a mainstream place instead of trying new things, experimenting with formats, and taking risks.

Pol Diggler

What is the theme of this film?


How do you decide on possible ways to promote your film when you are on a tight budget?

In our case, mainly festivals. There you can “play” with the programmers, jury and audiences

How important do you think distribution is in today's marketplace?

It’s so important to have a good distribution. Without that, the films remain unseen.

For those considering self-distribution, what is your advice?

Try it, enjoy it. It’s the best way by far not only to be in control of your work (and keep it cheap) but also to know in a more direct way the people behind the festivals. I’ve been doing it with all my projects for the last 8 years and I’m glad I did.

How significant do you think short films are for someone venturing into directing films?

I believe doing short films is not the “previous step” to feature films. Not at all. But you better have shot some shorts before the feature, at least for the experience you gain.

What was the worst challenge of your career so far? How did you take it over?

A short film with public funding that we did several years ago. We were so “nervous” for not being able to “shoot it right” that we lost all the soul of the project. We just did it and then, in the next project, we did something in our way (with our money), but with all our heart.

What are the factors to making a good film?

A good idea with a good team.

Is there anything you would change if you could go back to the beginning?

Nothing at all, we all learn from everything!
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