Miguel Ángel Lozano Jiménez: “distribution, a key element in the film market”

The main character, Andrés, is a man whose educational career has been marked by the teachings and pedagogy that half a century ago, his former teacher, Don Jerónimo Molina, transmitted to him about the value and wealth of Jumilla’s heritage. Thanks to their memories we will be able to get closer to the richness of this place, of which the constructions of the “Cucos” are the protagonists. Knowing this exciting story, we will have the opportunity to learn about surveys and the life associated with them, a clear tribute to those ways of life in the rural territory of the Jumilla.

What are the most challenging aspects of being a filmmaker?

To begin with, the market is complicated, the production companies bet on recognized and safe directors, and even so, even these have it complicated.

What is your source of inspiration for this short film?

The look of society in terms of heritage and landscape wealth.

LEGACY | Poster
Miguel Ángel Lozano Jiménez

What is the theme of this film?

Legacy was born as an audiovisual production whose main purpose is to have a positive impact on the care and preservation of part of Jumilla’s cultural heritage, such as the cuckoos. The look of society in terms of heritage and landscape wealth.

How do you decide on possible ways to promote your film when you are on a tight budget?

With the support of family and friends.

How important do you think distribution is in today's marketplace?

One of the current keys in the film market is the importance of good distribution of the different projects created by filmmakers. With the support of family and friends.

For those considering self-distribution, what is your advice?

Go ahead, let them take this work with love and above all perseverance, and learn from the hard work of self-distribution.

How significant do you think short films are for someone venturing into directing films?

It seems essential to me to start with small projects like short films, to learn to coordinate and acquire wisdom and maturity in directing.

What was the worst challenge of your career so far? How did you take it over?

The worst challenge in my professional career has been carrying out a large-budget project, and all of this has been assumed thanks to family support.

What are the factors to making a good film?

Without a doubt, the formation of a human and connected team.

Is there anything you would change if you could go back to the beginning?

I would only change to seek more financing.

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