Cristian Sitjas: The main challenge is idea generation and capture

Marc, after receiving several racist and feather-phobic comments from a gay dating app, receives a message from his transexual friend Cacao inviting him to a Ballroom. Marc decides to go, there he is surprised by the freedom and diversity of the environment. Upon reaching the local bar, she exchanges glances with Leo, an attractive boy. After seeing her friend walk, the two have an intimate conversation where Cacao encourages Marc to walk that night. Once the Catboy Sex Siren category arrives, Leo goes for a walk while Marc watches the situation with a mixture of desire and doubt.

What are the most formidable challenges inherent to the profession of filmmaking?

I think the main challenge is finding the right idea and then capturing it. Create a movie that motivates you and that at least your friends pretend that they want to see it. haha

Could you elaborate on the wellspring of your creative inspiration for this particular short film?

My main inspiration when creating Catboy was to capture plumophobia in gay dating apps and contrast it with the freedom experienced in the ballroom scene.
Catboy | Poster
Cristian Sitjas Martinez

Could you elucidate on the central thematic underpinning of your film?

My short film is mainly about being afraid to show yourself as you are, because of the dynamics of hatred of the gay community. And like in an environment like the ballroom, people support each other to have more freedom and feel good about themselves.

How do you navigate the task of strategizing cost-effective promotional efforts when operating within a constrained budget?

Actually, I am doing all the distribution and promotion myself, so I use good materials: photos, posters, trailers and mainly moving them through social networks.

In today's dynamic marketplace, how pivotal do you consider the role of film distribution?

It is important mainly to make contacts, meet people who like your cinema, exchange ideas about how the public perceives your works and thus grow as an artist.

For individuals contemplating the path of self-distribution, what counsel or insights can you offer?

Try to look at the short films that have been part of the festivals before sending your work. Look for spaces where your work is treated well, even if they are not big festivals. It is more important to be able to go to the place and chat with the public than to add another laurel.

In your estimation, what level of significance do short films hold for aspiring filmmakers seeking to embark on a career in directing?

I see it as essential, I don’t see it as possible for a director to direct a film without going through the process of directing several short films.

Reflecting on your professional journey thus far, could you share an instance of the most formidable challenge you encountered and how you surmounted it?

The biggest challenge is to be constant, not to give up. Combine being a director with a job that pays the rent.

What, in your view, are the critical factors that contribute to the creation of a cinematic masterpiece?


If you could revisit the inception of your career, are there any aspects or decisions you would choose to alter in hindsight?

Maybe start focusing on film sooner and not waste years trying to be a biologist or graphic designer haha
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