Pavel Sýkora: Childhood experiences shape our future selves

A drama about the scars from childhood that we carry on with our lives

What are the most formidable challenges inherent to the profession of filmmaking?

It is most difficult for filmmakers to obtain funding for their film. A good script and talent is certainly a big positive, but if you don’t have at least a basic budget, then it’s all for nothing.

Could you elaborate on the wellspring of your creative inspiration for this particular short film?

For me personally, this short film was inspired by the fact that in Central Europe the number of sex workers increased considerably after the coronavirus pandemic. I wanted to come up with something that would introduce a woman who made a living like this.








To my future self | Poster
Pavel Sýkora

Could you elucidate on the central thematic underpinning of your film?

The theme of this film is that the traumas we create in childhood can affect our entire lives. What happens to us in our childhood years can be absolutely crucial in what we one day become.









How do you navigate the task of strategizing cost-effective promotional efforts when operating within a constrained budget?

For any film, promotion is extremely important if the film is to be successful. In the case of a limited budget, authors can be greatly assisted by social networks, which can make a movie a very good advertisement for little money.

In today's dynamic marketplace, how pivotal do you consider the role of film distribution?

Nowadays, more people are likely to see your film on streaming platforms than in cinemas, so distribution on the internet is crucial if you want as many people as possible to see the film.

For individuals contemplating the path of self-distribution, what counsel or insights can you offer?

If someone wants to distribute their film themselves, then social networks will be their best friend.

In your estimation, what level of significance do short films hold for aspiring filmmakers seeking to embark on a career in directing?

Short films have the advantage that the author can very well and very quickly show his skills on them.

Reflecting on your professional journey thus far, could you share an instance of the most formidable challenge you encountered and how you surmounted it?

The most difficult thing was that this film had to come about very quickly for various reasons, so time was the biggest adversary in its production. We’ve all had to work 110% to create this film in such a short space of time.

What, in your view, are the critical factors that contribute to the creation of a cinematic masterpiece?

The bottom line is a good script. But the most important thing is your readiness before making the film and not just relying on improvisation.

If you could revisit the inception of your career, are there any aspects or decisions you would choose to alter in hindsight?

Absolutely not. Not all of my life-defining decisions were right, but they made me who I am.
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