Newsun is selected for the 11th FAÇADE VIDEO FESTIVAL

The short film Newsun directed by Mahyar Foroozandeh Asl is selected for the 11th Facade Video Festival

Facade Video Festival is an annual video art exhibition, where videos are projected onto the walls of houses in the old town of Plovdiv. Facade Video Festival aims to create an interface between viewers and artists, between visual arts and the city and will be held from 25-27 September.

Synopsis: The New Sun tells the story of a young lady’s mind undergoing surgery. Under the influence of anesthetics, she encounters a different mental spectrum. A dream which puts her in a believable environment. In the said environment, the girl behaves differently as she does in reality. A reality that is happening in a time and place outside her dream.

Cast: Azade SeifiTaravat Khademi/ Shayma Malekian/ Mahan Abedi/ Taha Abedi/ Ghazal Zarinkhah
Kids: Doryana Rahmani/ Kazhal Eshghi/ Parmin Fathalizadeh/ Elena Shoaei/ Arian Yari/ Mahan Moradi
Writer and Director: Mahyar Foroozandeh Asl 
Director of Photography: Iman Salimi 
Fisrt Assistant Director: Ali Neshat
Sound: Mohammad Ali Dargahi 
Set and Costume Designer: Samira Keshavarz 
Editor: Mahyar Foroozandeh Asl
Post Production supervisor, Visual Effects, Color Grading: Benyamin Ghochagh 
Special Effect: Mohammadreza Eshghi 
Sound Designer: Ali Alidoosti 
Music Composer: Maziar Ghavamodini 
Make Up Artist: Ronak Golshan 
Script Supervisor: Narges Moradi 
Still Photography: Mohammadreza EshghiSaber Arvandi
Production Manager: Amir Neshat 
Producer: Mahyar Foroozandeh Asl
International Distributor: Kaaffilm

Kaaffilm is the International Distribution Company of this short film.

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