"DOUBT" is selected for the 11th FAÇADE VIDEO FESTIVAL

The short film “Doubt” directed by Ali Tasdighi is selected for the 11th Facade Video Festival.

Facade Video Festival is an annual video art exhibition, where videos are projected onto the walls of houses in the old town of Plovdiv. Facade Video Festival aims to create an interface between viewers and artists, between visual arts and the city and will be held from 25-27 September.

Synopsis: Amir and Nazi are moving in the car on a mountain road that is facing strange things.

Cast: Pejman Jamshidi/ Niloufar Koukhani/ Shahram Shariat

Writer and Director: Ali Tasdighy

Produced: Farhad Ghadimi

DOP: Milad Hoseini

First Asistant Camera: Mohamad Karimi 

Asistants: Farhad Mirzaei, Ahmad Aghajanlou, Mehrdad Kazemi

Edit: Ashkan Mehri
Sound Mix: Hosein Abolsedgh 

Sound Record: Sasan Karimi 

Music: Hosein Monsef 

Makeup: Padideh Ashtab 

Clothes: Sahra Alishahi 

VFX & color Correction: Ali Tasdighy 

Director Assistant: Makan Monsef
Translator: Sogand Aghvami

International Distributor: Kaaffilm

Kaaffilm is the International Distribution Company of this short film.

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