"113" is selected for the 11th FAÇADE VIDEO FESTIVAL

The short film 113 directed by Neda Asef is selected for the 11th Facade Video Festival.

Facade Video Festival is an annual video art exhibition, where videos are projected onto the walls of houses in the old town of Plovdiv. Facade Video Festival aims to create an interface between viewers and artists, between visual arts and the city and will be held from 25-27 September.

Synopsis: Soldier number 113 is overtired and has fallen sleep in the military base conference room, in which the meeting sessions are held. He wakes up when the base commander and other high ranked generals attend the room. A mission has been exposed and a confidential meeting is being held. Soldier number 113 is under the conference table, quiet and motionless. His absence in the base rises commanders’ doubts about him being the rat. The soldier is sinking into the accusation.

Cast: Alipouya Ghasemi
Director: Neda Asef
Writer: Ali Shams
Voice Actors: Pouria Shakibaei/ Mir Hossein Noonchi/ Makan Babaki/ Alireza Bayat
Director of Photography: Masoud Salami
Editor: Behrang Sanjabi
Sound Design: Bahman Ardalan
Sound Editor: Amin Mirshekari
Music: Media Hashemi
Colorist: Nima Dabirzadeh
Makeup: Ehsan Ronasi
Set Designer: Saba Ghasemi
Sound Recordist: Mahmoud Kashhani
Production Manager: Samira Ghorbannejad
Photographer: Ahmadreza Shojaei
Producers: Nima Dabirzadeh, Anita Asef and Neda Asef
International Distributor: Kaaffilm

Kaaffilm is the International Distribution Company of this short film.


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