"Yocheved" competes at the REGGIO FILM FESTIVAL official section

The short film Yocheved directed and produced by Sahar Khoshcheshman is selected for the 20th Reggio Film Festival.

The primary purpose of the festival is to create occasions for cultural investigation by promoting the production and spreading the knowledge of short films. it is also distinguished each year by a theme and will take place in Reggio Emilia from November 3rd to 8th.

Synopsis: Nourjahan is a one-sided Afghan seeking illegal asylum in America with Kaveh. They work together ripping off rich guys but soon Kaveh figures out that only one of them can leave the country since they won’t be able to make enough money in a short period to pay for their cross. And now he needs to make a choice.

Cast Peyman Moghadami /Kiana Montajabi/ Siyamak Rashedi/ Mehdi Aboohamzeh/ Amir Akhaveyn

Director: Sahar Khoshcheshman

Writer: Rahele Karami

Director of Photography: Amin Jafari

Edit: Emad Khodabakhsh

Sound Design: Arash Ghasemi

Makeup Artist: Shoresh Maroufi

Costume Design: Amir Malekpour

Sound: Majid Nejati

Production Manager: Saeid Akbari

Colorist: Farhad Ghodsi (Faam Studio)

Assistant Director: Mohadese Joudi

Script Supervisor: Elnaz Mirza

Still Photography: Fojan Parsa

Producer: Sahar Khoshcheshman(Ano Film)

International Distributor: Kaaffilm

Kaaffilm is the International Distribution Company of this short film.

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